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”書道をポップアートに” "wanna make Japanese calligraphy POP ART"

3000 年以上前の西周時代(B.C.1070 頃~ B.C.771 年)に使われていた象形文字の「金文」を主に使用して作品を制作している。 金文とは青銅器に彫られて残っている文字である。


about my artwork:

I'm writing ancient Chinese characters(that are called ‘pictograph’ ). They were created about 3000 or more years ago, carved into metal, bones and tortoise carapaces.
What I'm writing in my pieces is the characters carved into metal such as bronze-ware that were used for festivals at the time.
These documents carved into inside bronze-were are formal, like a contract or the official record of a dynasty etc. They aren't deciphered completely yet.
They are kind of primitive, magical and powerful, I was fascinated by them at the first sight.
My pieces are made by putting all of these ancient characters into a form like someone's face and other things, similar to pointillism. What I want to do the most is making my calligraphy works 'pop art'. 

オーダーメイド承ります Made to order






例)F6(410 x 318mm) ¥25,000〜(額なし)

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